Fr. Justin grew up in Richmond, BC, the third of three brothers. Though not raised Catholic, he started going to Mass when he was 13. After a powerful experience of God’s love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he felt called to the Holy priesthood at the age of 16.

This site is a collection of my thoughts, musings and homilies.

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Strengthening Faith

Two preliminary questions before we get to the heart of the homily: 1) Have we…

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Discipline Leads to Happiness

To help the homily, I’d like to show a very insightful five-minute video.  Because Mass…

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Thoughts of God Vs. Thoughts of the Enemy

Here’s a man who hasn’t been to church in years, hasn’t always been faithful in…

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Loving and Praying for Our Enemies

Let’s start off by thinking about someone in our life who is hurting us or…

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Love Vs. Lust

Everyone knows adultery is wrong.  But Jesus today teaches us something about adultery that may…

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Be the First to Calm Down

Let’s start with a one-minute example of a conversation between husband and wife.  See if…

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