6 Questions to Have Devout Conversations

At our St. Anthony of Padua Leadership Summit on April 13, we talked about having devout conversations.  Here are six questions of substance that help people to be aware of what God is doing in their lives and so, when we listen, assist us in loving them–this is part of having devout conversations (For more information, see Fr. John O’Malley, The First Jesuits, 110-114).

1. Where have you encountered Jesus this week?

2. How was your prayer this week?

3. What has your lived relationship with Jesus been?

4. What does Jesus mean to you?

5. What are you most thankful for this week?

6. How are you doing spiritually?

In my own experience, there are three parts to devout conversations: 1) Ask; 2) Listen; 3) Share.


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